Menu Breakfast 1

Mini Viennoiseries pastries assortment
(croissant, pain au chocolat, pain aux raisin, vanilla crown, fruit lattice, pecan pastry, cinnamon whirl)
2 per delegate

Menu Breakfast 2

Full size Viennoiserie Pastries
(croissant, pain au chocolat, almond croissant, pain au raisin, Danish)   1 per delegate

Menu Breakfast 3

Viennoiserie pastries (full size)
(croissant, pain au chocolat, almond croissant, pain au raisin, danish)
Mini open bagels (topped with smoked salmon, ham & mustard, smoked cheese & chutney)
2 items per delegate

Menu Breakfast 4

Continental cheese platters
Continental charcuterie platters
Sliced fruit platters
Baguette & brioche assortment

Breakfast Energy

Strawberry & seasonal fruit skewers
Healthy kicks – granola yogurt pots
Fruit filled muffins

Menu Breakfast 5

Fresh croissants filled with ham & cheese or tomato & cheese
Breakfast rolls (bacon & brown sauce, egg & cheddar, Cumberland sausage, egg & tomato
2 items per delegate

Breakfast ‘street’ bite

Select 4 items

Mini bacon & egg pies
Honey wholegrain mustard chipolatas
Scrambled egg & crispy bacon mini bagels
BLT mini bagels
Ham, tomato, fried quail egg stack in a savoury muffin
Petite filo quiche Lorraine
Mini potato cakes with serrano ham
Black pudding & apples sauce mini scone
Smoked salmon & chive sour cream , seeded home-made cracker
Stuffed roasted figs with cream cheese & bacon streak
Bacon, egg asparagus spear

From the sea
Smoked haddock muffin cakes
Hot smoked salmon & spinach pasties
Smoked salmon& spinach tart
Gravlax & cream cheese mini bagels
Kedgeree filo cups

Garden fresh
Tomato, cheese & pesto profiteroles
Pao de quejos (small Brazilian cheese balls) GF
Jam & clotted cream mini scone sandwich
Crispy quinoa with spinach & feta cakes GF
French toast kebabs
Scrambled egg & tomato muffins
Tomato & mushroom muffins
Brie & grape bagels
Berry mini piklet stacks on a skewer
Mini muesli pots


Best of Both

Selection of luxury sandwiches
2 finger munchie items
Cake of the day

Cold Feast

English roast beef (sliced, served rare) topped with fresh horseradish
Fresh fish cakes with quinoa & chives served with lime caper dressing
Mediterranean quiche (roast vegetables, mozzarella & pesto)
Italian regional tomato salad – (plum & sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, fresh herbs & light pesto dressing)
Roasted baby potatoes, fried crispy onions, wild & not so wild mushrooms drizzled with lemon thyme dressing
Grilled root vegetables, toasted almonds topped with grilled halloumi
Artesian breads & butter
Dessert of Day

Mediterranean Sharing Platter

Roast beef, hams & saucisson
caviar aubergine, fresh hummus, yogurt & kaffir lime spread
Grilled deli veg with marinated fresh mozzarella & sun-dried tomatoes
Marinated feta cheese,
Celeriac apple-slaw
Olives, capers berries, sweet onions
Mediterranean tabbouleh pearl couscous salad
Home-made focaccia
Water crackers
Dips & olive oil

Finger Munchies

Select 5 items

Mini masala sausage rolls
Bacon pao de quejo (GF)
Honey wholegrain mustard chipolatas
Smoked haddock muffin cakes
Prawn cocktail pita bites
Prawn & chorizo skewers
Smoked salmon& spinach tart
Tomato & pesto profiteroles (V)
Mini pumpkin & ricotta frittatas (V)
Sweet potato & feta ‘sausage’ rolls (V)
Crispy quinoa with spinach & feta cakes (GF)
Mini margarita pizzas drizzled with fresh pesto (V)
Pao de quejos (small Brazilian cheese balls) (GF)
Chickpea & beetroot falafel with tahini sauce (GF V)
Sour cream southern fried chicken strips with 3 dipping sauces
Lemon & herb grilled chicken fillet skewers with garlic mayo GF