Sushi Menu




Futomaki is the Japanese word for “fat roll”, perfectly describing this sushi.  Commonly 1.5 inches or larger in diameter, these delicious sushi rolls are made up of three parts – the outside casing of seaweed (nori), sushi rice and carefully selected fillings.

Spice, tuna, avocado, chives, enoki mushroom Fish
Prawn, asparagus, spice, mayonnaise, chives, enoki mushroom Shell fish
Prawn tempura, avocado, spice, mayonnaise, orange tobiko Shell fish
Crispy duck, mint, spring onions julienne, cucumber, hoisin sauce, pea shoots Poultry
Chicken teriyaki, mayonnaise, baby lettuce, artichoke Poultry
Soft shell crab, avocado, orange tobiko, chives, daikon sheets Shell fish
Roasted aubergine, courgette, roast pepper, pea shoots Vegetarian
Salmon, avocado, chives, enoki mushroom Fish
Smoked salmon on the outside, asparagus, cream cheese, chives Fish



Temaki is the Japanese word for “hand roll”, describing how this sushi is wrapped in a large nori cone and is eaten by hand.

Salmon avocado, chives mixed, sesame seeds Fish
Spice, tuna, avocado, chives Fish
Crab meat, mango, cream cheese, chives, orange tobiko Shell fish
Grilled eel, cucumber Fish
Mixed baby leaves, roasted pepper, enoki mushroom Vegetarian



Opposite to “Futomaki” the “fat rolls”, Hosomaki are thin rolls.  These moreish sushi rolls are made up of three parts like the Futomaki – the outside casing of seaweed (nori), sushi rice and unlike the Futomaki, contain usually only one filling.

Salmon Fish
Tuna Fish
Tuna tempura, daikon and ginger sauce Fish
Avocado Vegetarian
Cucumber and sesame seeds Vegetarian
Japanese omelette Egg
Asparagus Vegetarian
Fresh mango and cream cheese Vegetarian



Uramaki occurs when the sushi rice is on the outside as oppose to being rolled inside nori, leading to one of their affectionate nicknames the “inside-out rolls”.  Uramaki is made up of three parts – the outside casing of sushi rice, nori and usually contain up to three fillings.  Sometimes there is an additional outer layer (for example sesame seeds) for a garnish.

Back fin crab meat, mango, chives, cream cheese, orange tobiko Shell fish
Salmon, avocado, black white sesame seeds Fish
Smoked salmon, asparagus, cream cheese, dill Fish
Mixed baby leaves, roasted pepper pickled carrots, asparagus Vegetarian
Salmon, watercress pesto, black sesame seeds Fish
Lobster, asparagus, truffle oil, amaranth cress Shell fish



Sashimi, like the Nigiri is a thinly sliced meat.  The main difference between Nigiri and Sashimi is that Sashimi is served without rice.

Salmon Fish
Spice seared salmon, black tobiko (round shape) Fish
Spice seared salmon Fish
Tuna Fish
Seared tuna, sesame seeds, shiro miso, purple shiso Fish
Sea bass Fish
Hamachi Fish
Chilli beef, asparagus cress, horse radish Meat



Nigiri is a popular sushi with thinly sliced meat/filling.  Varies from the Sashimi with its small ball of rice underneath.

Salmon Fish
Spice salmon Fish
Blown torch salmon black tobiko Fish
Tuna Fish
Spice tuna Fish
Japanese omelette Egg
Sea bass Fish
Prawn Shellfish
Grilled eel Vegetarian
Seared beef, horse radish, asparagus cress Meat
Roasted pepper, fresh pesto, micro cress Vegetarian
Grilled aubergine Vegetarian
Goat cheese, sun blush tomato, amaranth cress Vegetarian
Asparagus Vegetarian



Various delicious options, all bite-sized and perfect for standing events.

Salmon, tartar, chives, spice, mayonnaise, black tobiko filo pastry or cucumber cup Fish
Tuna tartar, yuzu vinaigrette, chive, black tobiko filo pastry or cucumber cup Fish
Ikura (salmon eggs) rice roll Fish
Inari (fried tofu), chives, sesame seeds, pickled ginger Vegetarian
Pancake, cucumber, spring onion julienne, inari hoisin sauce Vegetarian
Duck pancake duck, cucumber, spring onion, hoisin sauce Poultry



Daikon, mango, asparagus baby mixed leaves, enoki mushroom, ginger sauce Vegetarian
Blanched spinach, orange ponzu sauce, white sesame seeds Vegetarian
Green papaya, mango, carrots, peanuts, coriander, mint red Nam Jin sauce Vegetarian
Mixed seaweed, bean sprout, edamame cucumber, sesame seeds, seaweed sauce Vegetarian
Grilled prawn, pomelo, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, mint, peanuts sweet/sour sauce Shell fish



Mixed vegetable tempura, ponzu sauce Vegetarian
Edamame beans, soy & mirin, Maldon sea salt / spice Vegetarian
Prawn tempura, orange ponzu or spiced mayonnaise Shell fish
Vegetarian spring rolls with sweet chilli sauce Vegetarian


Bowl and plated food

Salmon teriyaki, rice, sesame seeds, spring onion julienne Fish
Chicken teriyaki, rice, sesame seeds, spring onion julienne Poultry
Stir fried shiitake mushroom, julienne carrots, Chinese broccoli and napa cabbage Vegetarian
Plated pan fried sea bass, edamame, hummus, cress salad Fish
Japanese vegetable curry, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and apple rice Vegetarian
Japanese chicken curry, carrots, potatoes, broccoli and apple rice Poultry
Miso soup, spring onions, tofu, wakame, seaweed Vegetarian
Plated Black cod, white miso, asparagus salad Fish