Late Night Buffets

Menu 1

Medium Size Bites

2oz homemade beef burger, cheese & tomato relish
Organic Cumberland sausages roasted in honey & mustard, roast onions on 4” hot dog bun
Mini free-range bacon butty with brown sauce
Elegant butter puff-pastry sausage rolls
2oz beetroot & chickpea vegetarian burgers with halloumi & tomato relish
Fish & chips with tartare sauce
Southern fried chicken & potato wedges
Frankfurter dogs, with onion & sauce in hot dog bun
Vegetarian dogs, with onion & sauce in hot dog bun

Menu 2

Pizza Menu 11”,

(All our pizza are tomato base)
Goat cheese, red onion, asparagus, basil
Pepperoni, chilli, mozzarella
Margarita, buffalo mozzarella, basil
Roast ham, mushrooms, mozzarella
Mozzarella, olives, rocket, parmesan

Menu 3

East End bagel buffet

Salt beef and mustard
Smoked Salmon
Hummus & grilled aubergine

Menu 4


Assorted continental & British cheese buffet, crackers, celery & grapes

Menu 5

Pulled Pork Menu

Southern-style pork & slaw
Home made apple sauce
White & brown rolls

Menu 6

Assiette de charcuterie

Menu 7

English cheese wheel buffet

Old Smales/Old Winchester cheese 4kg wheel
Keens Truckle Cheese Somerset 2kg wheel
Coston Bassett Stilton Baby

Menu 8

Wedding cheese cake tower
Served with crackers, grapes & decorations

Menu 9

Hand crafted Wedding Pork Pie
Different sizes available: 7”-9”-11

Menu 10

Giant Pork pie
with your name and event date 3.5 kg

Menu 11

Buffet of assorted mini bites

Menu 12

Sandwich Buffet