So East

Individual street food boxes

Select 2 combos
Bread choice:
Brioche bun, pitas, flour bap, tortilla, seeded burger bun, brioche hot dog bun


Yakisoba BBQ pulled pork, chili, ginger & chipotle mayo
Sour cream southern fried chicken, iceberg, Monterey & aioli
Mexican, chili con carne, jalapenos & sour cream
Salt beef, gherkin & English mustard
Angus beef burger with cheese
Vietnamese chicken banh mi
Grilled chicken fillet, with iceberg, beetroot, red onion & aoili
Mini fish balls, iceberg lettuce, red onion, gherkin & tartare sauce
Falafel, tabbouleh, mix leaf & red pepper with coriander yogurt sauce (V)
Beetroot, quinoa & bean burger with melted mozzarella, red onion & avocado salsa (V)
Grilled aubergine, pomegranate, courgette & roasted peppers (V)
Pork krakauer, sauerkraut, bacon, fresh dill & chilli salsa
Yakisoba BBQ pulled pork with fried onions & ginger
Veggie-dog with crispy onions, beetroot & cheese (V)
Mexican beef or chicken burritos
Grilled jackfruit (V)
Sauerkraut dog
Big-boy dog


Select 1:
Tricolour coleslaw
Greek salad
Sweet potato wedges
Farmyard fat chips
Guacamole nachos
Sea salt Roasted potatoes
Superfood salad
Grilled sweet corn
Nasi goreng (fried rice)