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Easy gourmet, Wedding caterer, London weddings, Weddings caterersWorking late tonight in the office make me think… Why are we different… Why are we unique… Why….

Well we are and if you want to know why we are a different Wedding Caterer Organizer read the post

After a long day of work… I am still here… why I am design the dream day of this lovely couple…

They love our venue… We had a 2 hours first meeting, I have listen… Taking note … understand what they are looking for…. And this is who we are at Easy Gourmet Catering, a  London base caterer since 1998….We are listening… We design… your dream wedding wedding day….

Like other London Caterers we have ready package to give you an idea of what we do… but when you meet us, we tell you what we can do… We are not just a package…. We are you, and reproduce what you want and help you in the design, decor, and we make it happen with our wedding professionalism and flair to discover your themes….

This Lovely couple love and are passionate about Italian food, we are not an Italian caterer but we are designer, we have chefs who can design food from Asia to Africa, from America to south America, from top of Europe to bottom of Europe…. So we design, suggest your wedding dream…

Freshly cook, thoughtful Menu… Creativity… Idea will be there…  It take us time to prepare your estimate but we try first, we cook the menu before we even send you the estimate… We spend time on menu, We make attention to details… we are sharp and won’t give you a menu before we taste it… and we love it… Because that what we do… Loving who we are and why we do it… That’s why we are different….

and this how we do it…..

Event Summary

Timings are an estimate and can be amended to suit your requirements

15.00pm Guest arrival

Reception drinks with Sparkling Prosecco and Italian “Aperitivo” – bruschetta, risotto balls and selection of Italian antipasti

Home cured salmon with fresh pesto bruschetta

Wild and not so wild mushrooms and pine nuts parmesan with truffle oil Risotto topped with shaved Parmesan

Red onions and artichoke bruschetta

Scallops wrap in pancetta skewers

Lightly spicy crab meat bruschetta

Carpaccio beef, rockets, parmesan  and tapenade bruschetta

Baby mozzarella and wine tomato bruschetta

Pepperoni pizzettes topped with roasted red pepper  and salsa verde

Butternut and pesto with parmesan risotto balls

Aubergine and mint bruschetta

Courgette carpaccio and tomato verde salsa bruschetta

Fresh anchovies, garlic pesto bruschetta

16.00pm Guests are called in for dinner

16.30pm Opening of the Italian Buffet

Cold and hot Buffet

Chef carving Organic Italian  Tuscan Prosciutto  ham boneless in front of the guest ( around 6.5kg) (rest of the ham will served with evening buffet)

Iberico Organic Ham, wedding menu, Wedding Caterer, Easy Gourmet catering


(choose 3)

Assorted Italian bread, olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Caesar Salad, cos lettuce, dressing and Parmesan

Capresia salad with mozzarella, tomatoes, sun dried tomato  and fresh pesto

Rucula salad, rocket, shaves parmesan lemon dressing

Orzo pasta, garbanzo, yellow and red teardrop, basil and fresh mint with

vinaigrette dressing

Sea food pasta salad, corkscrew pasta, king prawns, mussels, squid, peppers fresh basil with mayonnaise Italian dressing

Main course

(choose 3)

Polpette de carne, Traditional Italian meat balls in fresh tomato sauce basil and spaghetti

Pollo com pancetta, chicken wrap in pancetta with mushroom and wine sauce

Polo com pasta, pasta with free range chicken, mushroom and white sauce

Spezzatino con patate, Traditional beef stew with potatoes

Aubergine Parmiana, aubergine and cheese lasagne

Courgette Carbonara, classic pasta dishes made with cream and bacon

Salmone com Lemon linguine, lemon, olive oil and parmesan sauce

Traditional Italian lasagne

Asparagus, mushrooms, penne pasta in white sauce

18.15pm Service of Sparkling Prosseco for speeches and toast

Sparkling wine based on one glass per person

Tower of Mini dessert  ( choose 4)


Lemon Panacotta

Chocolate mousse

Italian profiterole

Almandoine cake

Coffee mousse

Italian trifle

Cannoli biscuit with mascarponi

Baci Cake with Drunken cherry sauce

Cannoli biscuit with mascarponi

18.45 pm End of speeches

Opening of Tower Dessert

Buffet of Dessert, Wedding Caterer, Easy Gourmet

Service of tea and coffee

19.30 pm Evening guests arrive

Opening of Pay Bar

21.45 pm Bar closing and end of the party

22.00pm Guests departure* possibility of extension

23.00am Catering Staff departure *

That is how we design your wedding dream……

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