Karen & Neil's Wedding at The Tab Centre

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"Karen and Neil – a lovely Irish couple got married on the 21st April and came to us to be there caterers. Weddings are such a lovely event for us, and we enjoy them for the simple reason that we love being a big part of a couples special day. 

We have been working, planning and preparing Karen and Neil’s wedding for over a year. The couple thought so hard on how they wanted there big day to go and made sure they had every little detail down. We are so happy that it turned out perfect for them both..

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

Karen and Neil had very pretty table settings. The wooden chairs, Jam jars, and wooden peg name tags really gave a vintage touch to their layout.

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

They had very fun, unique table name tags with old fashioned wooden pegs. Something so simple yet so creative and really went well with the rest of the table setting.

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

They had a vintage suitcase as a card box. and also a little note book for all of their guests to write a simple message, there best wishes, some fond memories. such a nice way to remember you special day and all of your loved ones who shared it with you.

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"We loved the centre piece Karen and Neil had for the tables they didn’t stand out or take up to much space. They matched perfectly with everything else Karen and Neil added to the venue.

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

The layout of the Tab Centre was so pretty the different shades of pink flowers and the candles in the jam jars brightened up the venue. the white tables with the wooden chairs. there was just an overall glow.

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

Sponge, cream and fruit cakes – A good friend of the bride and groom had made both cakes herself, They were delicious.

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

Karen and Neil had loads of lovely recycled Jam jars scattered around the venue, They really had every little detail picked and planned and overall the venue looked so beautiful and bright!

"the tab centre" "vintage" "venue" "easygourmet" "jam jars" "wedding" "flowers"

Bon appetito! – Karen and Neil both love Italy so just for them we worked together to come up with a unique Italian menu, and despite most of their guests being from Ireland and not being used to Italian food everyone loved the menu!

Karen and Neil Menu:


Butternuts, pesto and parmesan Risotto balls

Pepperoni pizzettes topped with roasted red pepper and salsa verde on bruchetta bread 

Tuscan Procuito Ham Served with home made Focaccia

Hot and Cold Buffet

Assorted bread, Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Buffet Salad

Rucula salad – rocket, shaved Parmesan and lemon dressing

Orzo pasta – garbanzo, yellow and red teardrop, basil and fresh mint with vinaigrette dressing 

Caesar Salad – cos lettuce, dressing and Parmesan
Hot Buffet

Aubergine Parmigiana – aubergine and cheese lasagne


Chicken Breast in Italian tomato sauce with black olives, basil and chilli served with farfelle pasta


Salmone com Lemon linguine – lemon, olive oil and parmesan sauce 

Tower of Mini Dessert


Lemon Panacotta

Chocolate Mousse

Baci Cake drunken cherry sauce


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