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Those menu below are perfect for Office party, no staff are require onsite served on disposable tray nicely organised

Menu 1 

  • Baguetine with Parfait de Canard and Confit d’Orange
  • Smoked Ham on Brown Bread with Mustard and Gherkin
  • Open Prawn with Tomato Mousseline on White Bread
  • Blinis with Mascarpone and Avruga Caviar
  • Tuna Mousseline with Celery & Peppers on White Bread
  • Smoked Salmon mousse on Madeleine
  • Grape with Cream Cheese and Pistachio Nut
  • Stilton Mousse with Pecan Nut, Fig Puree on Blinis

Menu 2

  • Spicy Naan with Smoked Chicken Mousse Coriander and Mango
  • Grilled Gammon with Mixed Peppers and Curly endive on Ficelle
  • Smoked Salmon Tartar with Mascarpone on Blinis
  • King Prawn with Mayonnaise in Tortilla Cup
  • Smoked Salmon with Salmon Mousse and Lemon Zest on Brown Bread
  • Avocado Mousse with Parmesan Black Olive on Mediterranean Bread
  • Caviar d’Aubergine and Sweet Pepper on Yorkshire Pudding
  • North African Minted Couscous on Carrot
  • Crunchy Vegetables wrapped in Spinach Tortilla

Menu 3 

  • Fan of Ham, mustard, caper, on Muffin
  • Half Quail Egg, Spicy Mayo, Leek on Ficelle
  • Cut Smoked Salmon mousse, Square Rye Bread, Saffron butter, long chive
  • Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Olive tapenade, shallot salsa on tomato bread
  • Babaganoush Yorkshire pudding diced red pepper chives
  • Cut mild goat cheese, Fig Chutney, Grape, on Feuillete Mozzarella base and stick with tomato Tapenade, Shallot Salsa, Thin slice of Black Olive

Menu 4 

  • Sliced Cumberland Mini Sausages, Onion Compote, Spring Onion, Yorkshire Pudding
  • Cut Tandori Chicken , Mango chutney, Coriander on Naan
  • Pastrami , Mustard, Gherkin on Ciabatta
  • Thai seared Chicken red peppers on a Stick
  • Cut Smoked Salmon Roulade, Wasabi, Pink Pepper corn, Long chives on Caprice Ficelle
  • Smk Trout Tower, Avruga, Round Potato Cake
  • Tuna Flakes and tuna Mousseline  with ½ Asparagus, Dot Mascarpone, Fried Leek in Tartlet

Menu 2 

  • Goats Cheese with Italian Parsley and Sundried Tomato on Feuillete
  • French bread of Mozzarella Sunblushed Tomato and Pesto
  • Smoked Applewood Cheese Fan with Red Fruit Jam on Blinis
  • French Goat Cheese with Chives & Red Peppers on Shortbread

Menu 4 

  • Home Made Boursin, Cut Fresh Tomato, Square Rye Bread, Yellow Pepper Salsa
  • Bagel Basil Pesto Mousse wit Brie and Fried Parsley Leaf
  • Cheddar Ploughman, Curly Endive, Pecan, Pickle, Granary Bread

Menu 5 Canapés 

  • Quail egg Wrapped with Smoked Salmon with Avruga on Toast
  • Seared Sea Bass with Thai Vegetables on Focaccia
  • Polenta with Salsa Peppers and Fresh Asparagus
  • Hot Salmon on Croute with Herb Mayo & Flat Parsley
  • Beef Carpaccio on Crostini with Truffle Oil and Parmesan Shavings Mozzarella base with Tomato Tapenade and Parma Ham Fan

Menu 6 Canapés 

  • Tower of Mediterranean Vegetables, Parmesan Shortbread & Artichoke
  • Chargrilled Asparagus with Parma Ham and Sundried Tomato
  • Baked Cold Salmon, Tarragon Sauce Fresh Rosti Potato Caramelised Orange Zest
  • Bundle of Vegetable Julienne with a Vintage Balsamic Dressing 

Menu 6 Canapés 

  • Peppered Beef with Beetroot Chutney and Horseradish on Crouton
  • Rosemary Crusted Lamb Babaganoush on Crostini with Beetroot Jelly
  • Chaud Froid of Chicken on Toast
  • Steak Tartare with Quail Egg on Toast
  • Rosemary Crusted Lamb Babaganoush on Crostini with Beetroot Jelly
  • Feuillete of Mature Stilton with Apple Gelee and Grapes
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