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Wedding Ring The proposal has taken place. Tears have been shed. All the friends and family have been notified. Now all you need to do is plan a wedding. It is not as scary as it sounds, however neither it is as easy as some romantic films make you think. We will be right by your side when you decide to embark on this wonderful journey

Let us think…what do you most remember about your friends’ houses? The interior, the food, colours, smells, textures. It is all about the small details. Now think of your wedding day as a little piece of yourself that you are going to share with your family, friends (and maybe even a few strangers!). Wouldn’t you want the venue to reflect your and your future spouse’s unique personalities and tastes? We all know that first impression counts and, even though your relatives might have known you for a long time, your wedding day is special, as you are entering in a completely new stage of your life, you are becoming one with your loved one, everything changes.

We are always excited when an opportunity arises to personalise a couple’s wedding venue. We would recommend to start with the basics: which colour do you have in mind? This is important, as your desirable colour scheme will have a great impact on the whole look of the venue, starting from accessories on each table and finishing with adornments on the walls or the  furniture – you will surely have the deciding voice in every small detail. If you do not have a particular colour in mind, we could kindly suggest some specific colours patterns and flowers which would go well with the current season – warmer, brighter colours for winter or cooler, more refreshing tones for the hot summer days. We do not only aspire to make your guests feel welcome, we want your wedding to be a noteworthy event…we aspire to inspire you and your guests!

Once the colour scheme is decided upon, we can dig a bit deeper. Here comes the part that all of your guests will certainly remember: what kind of food they try. And, just as home and food are inseparable, so are weddings and food. There is this special and unbreakable connection between the couple and what sort of menu they choose. Oh…how much you can say with a simple choice of a starter! Your wedding is about you, inviting your loved ones to celebrate the sheer joy of you both getting married to each other. And so, the menu can be as varied as you like. You could opt for a traditional English or any other country’s menu, to showcase your treasured heritage. If you are brave enough, you can surprise your guests with unusual, exotic food (which could also compliment your atypical venue layout, if this is something that sounds exciting to you). The possibilities are endless and we would love to list you all the possible interior choices. However, we will always make sure that you settle for what is, first and foremost, comfortable and satisfying for you and your guests, in terms of the venue look and the food flavour. Our testimonials only attest to our attentiveness to our clients’ individual requirements and wishes!



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