untitled 2It is springtime. It is a time of new beginnings. The flowers start blooming, new life commences and you embark on a life-long journey with your spouse-to-be. What a wonderful season to be married, as the nature reflects your mood and shares your enthusiasm! The trees get adorned with blossoms, and so we would love for your wedding venue to be embellished with decorative features of your own choice.

Let us take some inspiration from the beautiful Creation around us! Filling the venue with a multitude of various flowers might be one option, however you might also want to go for a single red rose to enhance the look of each table. Whether you prefer elaborate personalised bouquets for different guests, or whether you prefer the elegant and minimalistic approach, flowers are very important. We can get creative together and make sure that, whichever idea you come up with, it will leave you and your guests pleased!

It is a misconception that flowers have to be the same colour as things like the bridesmaids’ dresses or the main colour scheme. All they have to do is to fit well with the whole atmosphere and to add a touch of grace to your special day. And you can rely on our experts to pick and choose every individual spray of flowers. The kind of flowers you choose will, most likely, depend on what mood and theme you are aiming at. If you would like your wedding to have an exotic feel to it, having one orchid per table is an interesting choice. If you prefer the classic, traditional style, roses would probably be the perfect accompaniment to the venue. And if you are an adventurous type of person, you might want to surprise your guests by having Birds of Paradise flowers ready to startle them as they slip into their chairs. It is our promise that we will make your wedding day unique!

Let’s not forget about the weather. It is true, we don’t get to the see sun rays too often in this county, but we are much more likely to get a glimpse of the sun in the springtime! One possibility is to choose a venue with an open patio and we are happy to point you to a few secret gems in and outside of central London, if you are struggling to find the right venue. Our team is ready and willing to prepare the most delicious barbecue you’ve ever tried – think unique and interesting ingredients, think a not-so-ordinary delicious outdoors meal! However, we have to be prepared for all the potential weather conditions  – we are in England, after all.  We can also provide the full three course menu or a light taster menu indoors – you and your future spouse are the chefs (quite literally, if you like)!

Spring… the time of diving into something completely unknown. There is excitement and a certain fear floating in the air… It is our role to make your excitement skyrocket and to eliminate any remaining stress or doubt. We love seeing the colours of nature popping here and there all throughout the spring and we would be pleased to add a splash of colour and joy to your wedding day!

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