Nick and Michelle Wedding Reception

Michele and Nick1

Nick and Michelle had their Weeding Reception at the Tab centre on Saturday 25th August.

Carve Harm

Looking for more vintage and rustic than canapés. A cheaper option than you can have at the reception drink and evening buffet.

Our ham Carved by the chef brings to your event a touch of sophistication. It can be served as canapé or with the canapes. Also, if any left, would be served on the evening buffet.

The ham will be served with a selection of homemade bread

Organic Italian Tuscan Prosciutto

Vegetarian Nibbles

Selection of Home made Dips
Spicy Tomato
Grilled Pitta Bread
Mix olives
Feta Cheese marinated in olives oil and Herbs

Barbecue Menu 

Chicken thigh marinated in lemon grass, ginger, lime juice with Provencal herbs

Cumberland Sausage grilled on Barbecue hot

Roast baby potatoes in rosemary and olive oil

Mixed seasonal leaf Salad with cucumber and sweet corn

Moroccan style couscous

Served with assorted dips
Ketchup, Mayo, Aioli, barbecue sauce, mustard

Assorted Bread (bum, foccacia, baguette, sour doughtt bread… ) and butter on buffet


Beetroot vegetarian burger in bread bum with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, fresh melted mozzarella and dips

Gluten free (plated from the kitchen check the sausage if they are gluten free Mother of the bride) chef suggestion Full chicken breast in Mix herbs, tomato, cucumber, Mozzarella and gluten free bread burger

Special Grand dad Full chicken breast in Mix herbs, tomato, cucumber, Mozzarella normal bread

Bacon Rolls 

Crispy Bacon rolls with brown sauce

 Evening Cheese Buffet

 Assorted Continental Cheese buffet, crackers, celery and grapes

served with rest of the Ham

Nick and Michelle

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