Wedding Trend for 2015


Wedding food is becoming a statement, no one wants to be served the traditional dry chicken or bony fish these days, it’s all about creating a feast that people will remember.

So let your imagination go wild and design your dream wedding out of the below packages….

Trend One: Sharing Platters

Weddings are already filled with formality so creating a relaxed atmosphere when it comes to the wedding breakfast is essential. Sharing platters have exploded in popularity because they do just that. They provide the perfect gateway for wine and conversation to flow, all whilst providing a tasty and filling feast.

Using a sharing platter for the main course seems to be the most popular way with this particular trend at the moment. A few examples of sensational sharing platters that can be served at weddings include: An Antipasti Meat Platter: A wooden platter full of delicious Italian meats, cheeses and roasted Mediterranean vegetables. A Vegetarian Platter: Which includes grilled aubergines, mozzarella, olives and freshly baked foccaccia bread. And cheese lovers may even opt for the baked camembert served with fresh thyme and rosemary, grapes and toasted baguettes.

It doesn’t always have to be a casual affair either. Sharing platters that include meat are served on a wooden platter and can either be carved by the guests, a designated guest (who on the day before service get sent to visit the kitchen and are then provided with a chef hat and apron with the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date for extra effect) or a chef can be specifically booked to take care of all the details. A sharing platter really is the perfect way of catering for everyone’s tastes whilst enjoying something a little out of the ordinary.

Share plate

Trend Two: Mini Desserts

There’s a general rule that if something can be consumed in one bite or less then it’s totally guilt free (honestly). Which is why Brides and Grooms across the country are flocking to have mini desserts at their wedding. An array of gorgeous sweet treats such as mini chocolate cups filled with white chocolate, mini chocolate brownies, summer fruit jelly, fruit triffle with amaretto biscuit, mini Eton mess pots or even petite vanilla panacotta are offered to guests. The best bit is that each guest can choose up to three items so they can have a little taste of everything ensuring they will most definitely be satisfying their sweet tooth. The mini desserts can either be passed around the table by a waiter or set up in a beautiful dessert table. However they are served they are relaxed, fun and the perfect way to celebrate.

Mini dessert

Trend Three: Cocktail Hours

If you really want to wow your guests then throwing a cocktail hour is the way to go. Couples are now opting for cocktails for their pre-reception and post dinner drinks with many creating a signature cocktail that can match the theme of the wedding or even personalities of the Bride and Groom.

A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails can be offered to guests to make sure that everyone’s needs are catered for. At Easy Gourmet we offer a Mr and Mrs cocktail where we design cocktails for the Bride and Groom, this adds a personal touch and beats the standard Cava or bucks fizz any day.

One of our most popular drinks is the Appilly Married cocktail which is a vodka base mixed with apple juice, cranberry juice and a slice of apple to garnish.


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