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Katherine & Alistair’s Wedding

Saturday 21 March 2015

At the Kew Bridge Steam Museum, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford

Saturday 21st of March, Alistair and Katherine got married. It took place in such a wonderful venue, the London Kew Steam Museum… Everyone was amazed by the location, a former pumping station located in Chelsea that takes water from the Thames. The London Kew Steam and Water Museum, founded in 1975, was something that belonged to the industrial era. All its wonderful engines are still in good conditions. The venue gives such a vintage atmosphere. In terms of capacity, the venue can accommodate 150 guests. Everything was perfect and well prepared which left one thing to enjoy this special day at the stunning venue.

A Spanish Prosciutto carved Ham, was served with sparkling and a selection of homemade Focaccia bread. Vegetarian nibbles were also included; homemade dips, grilled pita bread, mixed olives, and halloumi cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs. Our pie menu was prepared for the main course. It was served by the waiters on a wooden platter, such a vintage style in relation with the venue. There were two kind of main pies, one bacon, chicken and tarragon while the other one was prepared with British beef steak and chorizo. For vegetarian’s guests, there was cheese, potatoes, spinach… The desert, a family’s friend cooked their own wedding cake.

The decoration was a mix of the industrial era thanks to all of its vintage apparel and a festive and stunning atmosphere. The venue was bright; fairy lights were draped on the railings leading to the front door, round tables setting prepared with white linen. On each round table, a flower wreath with hurricane candles was placed. From the entrance to the main room, pillar candles and tea lights were sprinkled all along the corridor. On each place there was a picture of the guests, such a beautiful and fun idea. And moreover, the Bride and the Groom provided a present to some guests during the Bride’s speech. A string quartet was also here for this special day.

So much went into this day, even the bottles were made especially for the event. The Father of groom and the groom prepared their own beer which is called Skolibeer. On the white wine label, names of bride and groom were written on. Red wine’s label was impressive; a red wine from Argentina which name is El Profundo & Untuoso, Cabernet Sauvignon.

Skolibeer: “for a very long time there was just beer with no face and no name… but then, out of nowhere, there he was… at last! Skolibeer, the beer! He looked right out of the old barrel, with spark of hops in his eye. But there is more than meets the eye! You should share a word or two with him and he will make you smile, and then, after a while… well… that is just between you and him!”

Cabernet Sauvignon: “over a century ago, the Budeguer family planted their agricultural roots in Tucuman, Argentina where they met prosperity. As their dreams were fulfilled, they began to set their sights on Mendoza, the land of Argentine wine. A childhood dreams is new realized with Tucumen wines, a merger of two dreams and two places. Tucumen is produced to be paired exceptionally with all types of cuisine and is especially pleasing with any grilled meat, poultry or oily fish.”


Carve Ham Menu

Spanish Prosciutto Ham on the bone

The Ham will be served with a selection of homemade Focaccia bread

Vegetarian Nibbles 

Selection of:

– Homemade dips: Hummus, tzatziki, spicy tomato

– Grilled Pita bread

– Mixed Olives

– Halloumi cheese marinated in Olive oil and herbs

Share pie Menu

Pie menu to share on the table :

– Bacon, chicken and tarragon (free range British chicken, smoky bacon, roast garlic and vermouth)

– British beef steak and chorizo (British beef steak, chorizo, olives, tomatoes, sherry and butter beans)

Vegetarian Menu

– Goat cheese (goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion, and roasted garlic)

Special Menu

– Plain Chicken breast

– Grilled chicken breast in Provencal sauce

– Tower vegetables with Provencal sauce

Side to share

 – Roasted baby potatoes in thyme

– Mix winter roast vegetables

– Watercress, lambs lettuce salad with feta cheese and beetroot, walnuts, figs

Mini dessert

Mini chocolate cups filled with dark chocolate & orange zest

– Mini rhubarb & apple crumble
– Eton Mess
– Roasted pears with toasted almond in port syrup

Roast pear and peach bride Granny

– Egg, wheat and diary allergy
– Roasted pears with toasted almond in port syrup
– Red fruit Jelly

Venue: London Kew Bridge Steam Museum, Green Dragon Lane, Brentford

Bride: Katherine Smith

Groom: Alistair Stark

Best man: Justin Kueh

Usher: Simon O’Malley

Bridesmaid: Megan John, Rhian Parker, Madeleine Smith, Imogen Smith,

Father of Bride: Richard Smith

Mother of Groom: Ros Stark

Florist: Zelda & Flowers (Susan)

Band: Licence to Ceilidh (Ali Barnes)

Lighting company: Party Lights (Richard Sawkins)

Photographer: Minna Rossi

Quartet: James Maggs





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