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Laura and Andrew’s wedding 

Saturday, April 18th 2015

Clissold House, Church Street, N16 9HJ, London

Saturday 18th April 2015, Laura and Andrew got married. It took place in Hackney at a venue called Clissold House. The apéritif, canapés and drinks, served by the waiters elapsed outside, in the garden. Such a stunning venue thanks to a beautiful weather.

The venue, located in Hackney, is at the heart of the Clissold Park; wonderful view, there is a kind of lake just near to the venue, and a beautiful green landscape. Thus, everything went perfectly for such a special event and certainly one of the most beautiful day of Bride & Groom.

The Clissold House was decorated remarkably; a flower vase on each table, with the place name and the table name. White linen, white chairs for such a lovely and illuminated atmosphere. Table name were illustrated through some pictures of planes, what a funny idea.

For the event, three kind of canapés were provided; a smoked salmon with salmon mousse and lemon zest on brown bread, a North African minted couscous on carrot, and a goat’s cheese with parsley and sun-dried tomato Feuillet. There were also some specials ones, such as a cherry tomato and mozzarella with vegetarian pesto, and vegetables and tofu skewers.

To continue with the sit down dinner, the starter was based on roasted butter-nuts with rosemary goat’s cheese, pear poached in a red wine sauce pumpkin seeds. After that, the menu was a grilled chicken breast in a Tagine sauce, with butter fine green beans warp in carrots and Gratin Dauphinoise as sides. To finish with the dessert, a spicy apple and apricots crumble was served with a crème Anglaise.

Speeches took place after the lunch; father of the Bride began, then it was the Groom and Best Lady. After the tea time and in order to open the party, the beautiful and lovely first dance of Bride & Groom elapsed. During the evening, a cheese buffet was supplied; it was an assorted Continental and British Cheese buffet with crackers, celery and grapes.


Cold Canapés

Smoked salmon with salmon mousse and lemon zest on brown bread

North African Minted couscous on carrot

Goat’s cheese with parsley and sundried tomato on Feuillet

Cherry Tomato and mozzarella with vegetarian pesto

Vegetables and tofu skewers


Sit Down dinner


Roasted butternuts, rosemary goat’s cheese, pear poached in red wine sauce pumpkin seeds rockets salad with balsamic reduction

Main Course

Grilled chicken breast in tagine sauce

Winter vegetables tower, sweet potatoes, rosti potatoes, butternuts, beetroot, carrots, squash with melted mozzarella served with tagine sauce


Butter fine green beans warp in carrots

Gratin Dauphinois


Spicy apple and apricots crumble served with crème Anglaise

Evening Buffet

Cheese Buffet: assorted continental and British cheese buffet, crackers, celery and grapes

Clissold House – Church Street, N16 9HJ

The Bride: Laura Tovey

The Groom: Andrew Fall

Father of the Bride: Ian Tovey

Mother of the Bride: Jane Tovey

Step dad of the Groom: Graeme Bell

Mother of the Groom: Alison Fall

Best Man: Rebecca Fall

Usher: Steve Tovey and Steve Kelly

Bridesmaid: Mary Morgan, Emma Langley, Eleanor Tovey, Heather Tovey, Judith Tovey

Photographer: Marianne Chua

Decorations and Drinks: Bride & Groom

Wedding Cake: Bride & Groom and loved ones

DJ: Steve


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