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Last 29th of October of 2015, Easy Gourmet had the pleasure of collaborate with Toynbee Hall in  the dinner that was organized to discuss the issue of poverty and raise funds to continue the project for this purpose and on social inclusion that are made in the Toynbee Hall.

Before and during the dinner, some representative people speech about: what inspires the philantorpy (with the speech of Toby Young), the youth mentoring (with the speech of Michael Connor), and the Toynbee Hall’s archive through history (with the speech of Margaret Coombe). Finally Graham Fisher, chief executive of Toynbe Hall did the closing statement.

All the attendees could enjoy of the menu, which was:


Salt beef, mustard mini bagel

Fish and Chips tartar sauce

Share Feast Menu 

Slow cooked pork belly in sage and cider served with apple sauce

Vegetarian option:
Spinach and Feta Wellington

Sides to share:
Crushed baby potatoes skin in butter sea salt and chives
Braised red cabbage without apple
Roasted winter Vegetable

Assorted Artisanal Bread

Served with salted butter

Bread: White Sourdough, Brown sourdough, Light Rye , Walnuts.


Individual Sticky toffee pudding with muscovado sugar sauce


Easy Gourmet has long made Toynbee Hall charity events together unselfishly to help the organization to continue with their projects.

To know more about projects of Tonybee Hall has been carrying and still doing, we invite you to know their special and necessary labour entring in their website, they really need us, and all we can offer will be well received.

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