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St-Luke's Church

Mark and Christian celebrated their Wedding  on 16 September 2016

At St Luke’s Church


Carve Ham

Spanish Serrano Prosciutto Ham on the bone, served with a selection of homemade Focaccia bread

Vegetarian Nibbles 

Homemade Dips: Houmous, Tzatziki, Spicy Tomato

Grilled Pitta Bread, Mixed Olives, Feta Cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs

Main course

Share Starter Antipasti Menu

Cured salmon gravalax marinated in beetroot with fresh horseradish
Mozzarella fresh pesto and basil oil with beef and sun-dried tomatoes
Grilled aubergine, courgette, tomato, peppers in garlic and oregano oil dressing
Sourdough artisanal bread
Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Share Feast Menu

Roasted loin of pork on the bone marinated with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs in sauvignon blanc jus, Dauphinoise potatoes, and assorted of mix seasonal mix green tossed in olive oil

Vegetarian option: Mushrooms wellington served with red wine gravy

Dessert menu

Pear and almond tart
Strawberry shortbread
Banofee pie
Chocolate and raspberry mogador
Chocolate and amaretto cheesecake

Evening Buffet / Cheese

Salt beef and mustard, Smoked Salmon and Humus and grilled aubergine

Assorted Continental and British Cheese buffet served with crackers, celery and grapes

Groom: Mark Gadsden

Groom: Christian

Wedding information:

Venue: St. Luke’s Church, Hillmarton Road, London, N7 9RE

Music band: Mini Big Band (Chris Hibbard)

St Luke's Church



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