Is a fun new way of serving nibbles at your event. Our specially trained carving chefs, carve the highest grade English & Ibérico hams, cheeses or gravlax salmon in front of your guests.  Great for drinks receptions or presentations.

Spanish prosciutto ham on the bone (Gran Reserva)

Serrano prosciutto is from white pigs that are fed solely on dry-food & cereals. Made from traditional artisan techniques passed on through the generations. Processed with salt; they undergo a slow drying and maturing process. Gran Reserva certifies that the hams are cured minimum 15 up to 20 months.
The ham comes from Leon (Northern Spain), district of La Bañeza, which provides the best weather conditions for curing and maturing. Great quality and a pairing is slightly chilled Pinot Noir.

Served with focaccia squares

Accompaniment option:

Selection fresh-made dips
(hummus, tzatzaki, spicy tomato)
Grilled pita
Mixture of Mediterranean olives
Feta marinated in olive oil & herbs

Mustard & honey roast English Kent boneless ham

From a famous free-range farm in Kent the hams come from 100% organic pigs.
The hams are cooked in-house with an old English recipe (one your great grandma would know) bringing to your palate the an old English country side taste….

The traditional pig breeds are known for the finest quality of meat they produce. They generally hold a slightly higher proportion of fat than the mass produced pork found in the supermarket which adds to their succulent flavour.

Served piccalilli & home baked breads

Accompaniment option:

Mini cheddar muffins
Pickled gherkins
Caramelised onion chutney

Cero Ibérico ham on the bone (free range)

Our Iberian Patta Negra ham comes from a selection of pure bred Ibérian pigs raised in semi-wild conditions, fed on grains & pulse crops in pastured lands, and is produced using the best traditional, handmade methods. The hind legs of the Ibérian pig are processed with salt & then undergo a very slow drying & maturing process which gives them the organoleptic typical texture & unique flavour. All this is done subject to the strictest quality controls.
Curation: 36 months

Served with focaccia squares

Accompaniment option:

Aged parmesan shavings
Nocellara olives
Sesame crackers

Specially cured gravlax salmon sides

Our succulent & fresh Scottish smoked salmon that is slowly cured in the flavour of your choice & lightly smoked then topped with heat treated, this secret method technique makes this gravlax outstanding by anyone’s standards.
Bourbon & vanilla
Dill & black pepper
Zesty citrus
Lime & gin

Served with French baguette slices

Accompaniment option:

Dill sour cream
Light horse radish cream
Mini blinis
Pickled onion rings & radish

English cheese wheels

Cheese wheels are a great option for canapes or late night snack, carved by our waiters in front of your guests will always impress

Old Winchester
This artisan cheese is made by hand near Salisbury. It is salty, nutty, brittle & full flavour. It shingles beautifully which and your guests will become addicted. (V)
Old Smales
Firm pressed pasteurised cows’ milk cheese with a washed rind & bags of flavour. It is handmade by Mike & Judy Smales on their farm in Wiltshire with a crystalline texture which becomes more intense with age. Matured 18months. (V)

Approx 4kg wheels

Accompaniment option:

Baguette & English crackers
Pickled gherkins
Caramelised onion chutney