We are proud to serve the Jewish community providing the highest quality and choice of Kosher food. Our team of professionals will also assist you in selecting the perfect location and style.

We are a licensed Kosher caterer and our Kosher catering and Kosher Style catering has progressed over the years allowing us to provide outstanding and exclusive catering options with a wide range of cuisine.

Our excellent service ensures we make a detailed plan of your Simcha which we meticulously check all your menu ingredients, the quality of our suppliers and the presentation of the food.

Our professional support implies a full understanding of cultural imperatives and Kosher standards with a friendly, flexible and unobtrusive approach. All this happens all behind the scenes, leaving you to enjoy a tasty and Kosher event.

Menus supervised by the European Masorti Bet Din
Easy Gourmet can deliver Kosher catering under the direction and supervision of the European Masorti Ben Din as qualified by Rabbi Chaim Weiner.

The Masorti Bet Din will give on-site his guidance and supervision to our chefs and staff during all the different steps and phases. From the selection of the ingredients to the cooking procedures and the service delivered. He will supervise the menus, the equipment used and the kitchen.

Kosher Style or Kosher Friendly Catering
The alternative to Kosher is called Kosher Style or Kosher Friendly Catering unsupervised.

Our chefs and staff were trained by the Masorti Ben Din to follow the Judaic Law in kosher catering during all the different steps that lead to the wedding.

A kosher style wedding reception is simple. Meat and dairy are not combined. The chef will not cook with cream sauces and place over the beef dish. A fish, eggs, fruits and vegetables entrée are parve. Parve is neither dairy nor meat and therefore is a neutral dish. Often therefore fish will be the main course. The kosher rules allow anything that has fins and scales. It excludes lobster, shrimp, prawns etc. All fruits and vegetables are kosher. Note: Kosher style does not make the food or the kitchen where the food is cooked Kosher.

This is a great option for those that may not use a Kosher catering but don’t want to offend.

Please ask us for our up to date kosher wine list.

If you have any questions about our Kosher service, please feel free to contact us.