What is Easy Gourmet’s geographic coverage for weddings?

We cater for weddings in around London, including Surrey, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Middlesex, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and Sussex. However, even if you are outside these areas, do get in touch, as we may well be able to cater further afield.

What should I think about when choosing a venue?

We’ll discuss all of the following considerations with you, and ensure that the venue meets all your requirements.

  • how close is the venue to the church / other location?
  • what is the capacity of the venue?
  • do you like decor and style of the venue?
  • is there adequate parking at the venue, and how close is it?
  • what is the cancellation policy of the venue?
  • is there somewhere at the venue for the bride and groom to change?
  • where at the venue will the photographs be taken?
  • is there a good dance floor?

Why do I need a wedding planner?

Common reasons our clients give for taking up our wedding planning service include:

  • both you and your partner have demanding jobs, and simply don’t have the time to make all the arrangements, meet with suppliers etc.
  • planning the wedding yourself is hard work, can be stressful and takes the pleasure out of the whole business.
  • you’re worried about being ripped off by suppliers who overcharge and don’t deliver.
  • there are personality conflicts between sets of parents, and leaving them to plan the wedding would make things worse.
  • your engagement is a short one, and there isn’t time to make all the arrangements yourself.

What else can Easy Gourmet help organise for my wedding?

Our wedding planning service can incorporate anything, from helping arrange that fairytale dress to invitations, menu design and printing, champagne, chocolate, lights, flowers, gifts, fireworks, wedding cars, transport for guests, venues, table setting designs, theming, photographs, music and entertainment.

Easy Gourmet Ltd Terms and Conditions

Effective 1st January 2014

These Terms and Conditions form the basis of any contract between
Easy Gourmet Ltd and the Client(s)(PRINT NAME)___________________

Confirmation of a booking must be given in writing and will be taken as Understanding and acceptance of our terms, including Payment. Confirmation of booking needs to include: signature on Terms and conditions, Signature on Booking form and deposit paid into our bank account.

All payments are due as stated in your payment scheduled, noted on your booking email in which you are to abide by.
A confirmation deposit of 10% of the total estimated bill is required to hold the catering date and secure the price. (Non refundable)
Second part payment is of 45 % of the outstanding of the total estimate bill which is due 3 months prior the booking date.
Third payment 45 % of the total outstanding prior event will be due 15 working days prior the booking date. Any change or outstanding payment will be charged after the event in your final invoice.

For any booking within shorter notice, Full payment is required prior the event.

Final payment for any outstanding after the event should be made no later than 14 days after the invoice has been sent. Late payment will be subject to a £60 administration charge and interest of 3% over base rate. If after 60 days full payment has not been received, civil court action will be taken, and all cost reserved against the client. Payment should be made to Easy Gourmet Ltd by Bacs only with your invoice reference.

In the event of cancellation the first deposit will not be refunded.
For bookings under £500.00 we require 48 hours notice of cancellation (Monday to Friday)

For bookings over £500.00 the following applies:
Prior 4 weeks to event date notice: first 10% deposit will not be refunded
4 weeks to event date notice: 50% of full amount of the total estimated bill will be charge.
2 weeks to event date notice: 75% of full amount the total estimated bill will be charge.
1 week to event date notice: Full amount the total estimated bill will be charge

4)      DRINKS
Drinks are on return sales and will be charged accordingly based on the estimate. Minimum charge of 75% of drinks ordered on the contract, if 75 % consumption is not reached client can take the drinks after the function and a refund of the remaining 25% will be made.
Pay Bar requires a minimum sale of £400.00 otherwise the difference will be charged after the event.

An estimate is free of charge. A 4 hours complimentary consultation is included in your quote. -This includes time spent on menus, telephone calls, emails, meetings and at a tasting. After this time we reserve the right to charge for our services at a rate of £40.00 *per hour. We will advise when we are nearing the end of the complimentary 4 hours (*to be discussed further by events manager)

6)      TASTING:
Our tasting sessions are 1hr to 2hrs long and based for two people. They give you the chance to try samples from the chosen menu of your quotation
(2 food items per section menu).  Please be aware carved ham, nibbles and evening buffet are not part of the tasting.

Prior to booking we will charge you for your tasting session at £150.00. Should you proceed with booking Easy Gourmet services this will then be deducted from your booking. If you would like to add items in order to try more there will be an added charge – this depends on what items and how many extra added items. Please note the added charge will not be refunded.

If after your first tasting you would like to book another tasting please be aware there will be a charge– prices may vary depending on your menu chosen and again please note second tastings will not be refunded should you go ahead and book with us.


We carry tasting Tuesday to Thursday upon availability, Tasting time stat from 14pm to latest 5.00pm so the latest we finish our meeting will be 7.00pm as we need to leave our meeting room due to landlord building regulations.

7)      MENU
All our food is freshly prepared using only the best ingredients available. We reserve the right to make any changes of ingredients due to market fluctuations and availability of seasonal produce at the time of the event. If this affects the price we will advise you immediately. Menu confirmation (including dietary requirements) need to be made 10 days minimum prior the event.

Final numbers attending functions should be notified to the company at least 10 working days prior to the commencement of the function. If there is a drop in numbers later than 10 working days prior to the function, no reduction in costs can be expected. If catering requirements increase less than 5 working days prior to a function, every effort will be made to accommodate this, however additional costs may be incurred.

Any equipment required for the event will be hired and re-charged to the client. The client will be invoiced for any hired equipment broken or damaged by guests. This includes any crockery, glassware, linen and electrical equipment. An invoice will be sent after the event.

Whilst we maintain our statutory insurance cover, we do not accept any responsibility for any loss, injury, damage or breakage caused by any guests. We strongly suggest that our clients take a 1 off insurance


11)    STAFF
An event manager is necessary to run all parties. The charge for an event manager is outlined in each and every quote. All staff attending a function must be paid for a minimum of four hours work. If they are required to stay later than 11.30pm, the client shall be responsible for paying their taxi fare home. Wherever possible, the company shall book staff that live close together and can therefore share the taxi ride. We reserve the right to charge for taxis at earlier finishing times, for locations where public transport is unavailable, unreliable or unsafe.

Easy Gourmet reserves the right to take pictures or videos of the event to use for promotional purposes. The Client(s) hereby allow(s) Easy Gourmet Ltd to display any photograph covered by this contract and to generally promote the business in advertising, brochures, blogs, magazine articles and other such material, providing that the images used are used lawfully and without damage to The Client(s).

Easy Gourmet Ltd shall be entitled to terminate this agreement (without liability to the client other than return of the deposit) but also without prejudice to its other rights and remedies if, at any time after signature of this agreement there is reason to believe that any misrepresentation has been made by the client to Easy Gourmet Ltd, or if the due dates for payment set out in the agreement have not been met.

We shall be under no liability for any delay or failure to provide the services as a result of any act or circumstances beyond our reasonable control including but not limited to an Act of God, legislation, war, fire, drought, failure of power supply, lock-out, strike or act of terrorism. The laws of England and the jurisdiction of English courts will apply to any dispute









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