Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with mozzarella ball and fresh pesto A freshly Cook and simply delicious Menu and no need for a kitchen


Assiette de Charcuterie

French mustard ham on the bone cut in front of the guest on a stand

French Saucisson

Spanish Chorizo

Saucisson a l’ail

Home Pate Home Pate

Pate de Campagne with Duck and Pistacio

Pate de Campagne with rabbit and thyme

Pate de Campagne with vernaison and walnut

Pate de Campagne with chicken and spinach

Small French gherkins and pickle baby onions

Mix seasonal salad with fresh herbs served with French dressing

Australia salad with peas, feta cheese, mint and chili served with French dressing

Mediterranean Quinoa Salad with mozzarella ball and fresh pesto

Mixed vine tomato salad with basil and sun dried tomato in Italian dressing with spring onions

Rare seared tuna wrap in crust of cracked pepper on bed of water cress salad

Homemade Salmon Gravalax seasoned with smoked Spanish paprika and fresh dill served with lime and lemon

Roasted Mediterranean vegetables tossed with roasted pine nut and mixed marinated and stuffed olives

Seasonal fruits crumble served with cream Anglaise and drizzles of raspberry coulis

Chocolate and pecan brownies served with white chocolate cream

Caramelised apple tart served with cream

Orange zest chocolate mousse

Assortment of chef dessert selection served with cream and  coulis

Fresh fruit salad and cream

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