Sit Down Dinner

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Confit Duck Margret, endive, orange and balsamic jelly, garlic crouton and Medjool date

Baked goat cheese croustini, crispy bacon on mix leave bead with mango dressing

Escabeche Herring with sweet and sour chilli fine haricot roasted pine salad

Mille feuille of wild mushrooms cauliflower puree and shaved parmesan

Crispy beetroot, soft poached eggs, grilled artichoke with Elderberry vinaigrette

Homemade cured dill salmon Gravalax toasted brioche, salad frisee with lime dressing

Plum tomato tattin, fresh thyme, mozzarella topped with fresh pesto and seasoned rockets

Homemade Ham hock terrine served with piccalilli and green leaves salad

Salmon Rillette on Ciabatta mille Feuille, peas and peas shoot salad with red pepper and chilli dressing

Roasted butternuts, rosemary goat’s cheese, honey fig, pumpkin seeds, rockets salad with balsamic reduction

Poached port wine pears, toasted almond flack with fine slice of Serano ham, red chart salad with mustard vinaigrette

Crispy streaky bacon with runny poached eggs, garlic crouton with mix leave and pomegranate dressing

Red wine poached quince or pears and goat cheese filo tart with salted walnuts

Pan fried chicken liver, roasted peach, roasted shallots on toast with balsamic dressing

Ploughman’s salad, organic mature cheddar, cooked ham, celery, mix leaves and piccalilli

Trio of smoked fish, with citrus and mix leave salad with aioli dressing

Smoked salmon roses on baby potatoes, black olives stack with pistou mayonnaise


Main Course  

Traditional English Pie Menu 

Beef, kidney & Ale Pie (free range beef steak, kidneys, fresh herbs and ale)
Bacon, chicken and Taragon (free range british chicken, smoky bacon, roast garlic and vermouth)
Wild mushroom & asparagus (v) (wild mushrooms, asparagus, shallots, white wine and black pepper)
Goat cheese  (v) (goats cheese, sweet potato, spinach, red onion and roasted garlic)
Fisherman Pie (smoked haddock, salmon and pollock , Prawns in creamy sauce)
Steak & Ale (free range beef steak, cracked black pepper and real ale)

All pie are served with gravy and creamy mash potatoes glazed carrots or minty mushy peas

 Main Menu

 Slow roast cooked pork belly in cider syrup, fine apple chips, and roasted shallots

Thyme roasted poussin with pancetta and pear juice

Winter vegetables tower, sweet potatoes, rosti potatoes, butternuts, beetroot, carrots, squash with melted mozzarella served with tagine sauce

7 hours slow cook Lamb shank in Cotes du Rhone and garlic jus

Roasted rump lamb in port wine and berry juice

Ballotine of chicken stuffed with woodland mushrooms truffle oil sentenced with champagne sauce

Organic Pork and leek sausage with red onions and deep wine gravy

Corn feed chicken breast with leek fondue and lemon caper sauce

Beef bourguignon casseroles with button mushrooms, carrots, bacon in deep red wine sauce and small crouton

Classic individual beef Wellington with green peppercorn sauce

Slow cook pork loin with cranberry sauce

Wild mushrooms risotto, truffle oil and shave pecorino cheese

Grilled skin on chicken supreme with fresh tomato and mango salsa

Slow cook beef filet with Madeira sauce

Lamb aubergine moussaka, with lentils du Puy, Arabic spices, topped with mature melted cheddar served with spicy tomato sauce

Sautéed gnocchi with butternut, Swiss chard, Jerusalem artichokes roasted pine nuts, sage and red pesto drizzle

Lemon sole filet and spinach roulade served with fine champagne sauce

Green asparagus, celery puree filo roll served with bloody Mary sauce

Red mullet

Comfit duck leg with brandy and orange sauce, pickles rhubarb

Grilled sea bass ginger, chilli and spring onions butter

Portobello mushrooms, shallots, asparagus and goats cheese tart with pepper coulis and pesto

Aubergine Parmigiana with fresh Provencal tomato coulis

Crispy courgette fritter, mint yogurt dressing and chilli dressing leaves

Side plate

Including in the price Choose 2

Butter mash potatoesGratin Dauphinoise

Roasted potatoes with thymes and garlic

Homemade roasted potatoes wedges

Medley of roasted roots vegetables

Sweet mash potatoes

Celery puree

Cauliflower puree

Baby potatoes butter and Rosemary

Beetroot gratinParsnip mashRoasted beetroot

Butter fine green beans

Summer roasted vegetables

Roasted cherry wine tomatoes

Potatoes Rosti

Parsnip and celeriac bake

Rockets and pine nuts

Seasonal leaves



Plated Dessert

Crème brullee served with a raspberry coulis

Crème brullee with filling (poached pears, rhubarb, summer berry)

Chocolate ganache tart with cream Anglaise (with or whiteout Cornish Sea salt)

Spicy apples and dry apricots crumble served with generous cream

Lemon tart with comfit lemon zest served with chocolate and fruits coulis

Beetroot and chocolate lightly chilli brownies with Madagascar cream

Lavender pana cotta with berries compote and honey Madeleine

Black forest brownies with Madagascar and rose petal cream

Maracuja cream with almond tuiles

Apple crumble served with cream Anglaise and drizzles of raspberry coulis

Dark chocolate mousse with coulis

Crème au Cafe Liegeois with biscotti

Fresh fruit salad and cream

Trio of mini dessert (select from mini dessert tower) served with cream Anglaise and fruit coulis

Assorted English famous cheeses, oat crackers, grapes, celery, chutney

Tower Mini Dessert

Mini chocolate cups filled with dark chocolate mousse

Mini chocolate cups filled with dark chocolate and orange zest mousse

Mini chocolate cups filled with milk chocolate mousse

Mini chocolate cups filled with white chocolate mousse

Raspberry and elderflower jelly

Mini chocolate brownies

Strawberry and cream (in season)

Summer fruit jelly

Fruit trifle with amaretto biscuit

Mini vanilla panacotta

Pavlova (topping to choose: Pecan, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry)

Mini Eton mess pot

Mini chocolate pot

Crème brullee

Roasted peach or pears with toasted almond in port syrup

Mini tiramisu

Mini apple and sultana crumble, Mini rhubarb and apple crumble

Mini bread and butter pudding

Trio mango, chocolate &lemon custard


Evening Buffet

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Evening Buffet

The below menu need chef to stay on site (served hot)

Pick and make your own Evening buffet

Small homemade beef burger, cheese and tomato relish with 2Oz burger bum

Organic Cumberland sausage roasted in mustard and honey, roasted onions with 4” hot dog bum

Small free range Bacon and butty with brown sauce

Beetroot and chick peas vegetarian burger with halloumi cheese and tomato relish with 2Oz burger bum

Fish and chips with tartare sauce served in cute mini frying basket

Battered chicken, potatoes wedges served in cute mini frying basket

Deep fried Calamari with tartare sauce served in cute mini frying basket

Turkish Kebabs in mini pitta bread, tomato, cucumber, cabbage, yoghurt deep and chilli served with

Lamb mint Kofta

Chicken Shish Kebab

Lamb Shish Kebab

Prawns Shish Kebab

Falafel  Shish Kebab

Brick Lane Bagels buffet

Salt beef and mustard

Smoked Salmon

Houmous and grilled aubergine

Average price if you want to take a mixture of each

Assorted Continental and British Cheese buffet, crackers, celery and grapes

Assorted Continental Cheese buffet, crackers, celery and grapes
Extra Red fruit assortment

Extra Nuts Assortment
Homemade Chutney Jar 350g
Caramelized red onions chutney
Plum chutney
Sweet tomato and chilly chutney

Wedding cheese Cake Tower

From £240, including crackers, grapes and decoration

(please ask the price)

Wedding Pork Pie Wedding cake

7”-9”-11” hand craft pork pie

Giant Pork pie with your name and wedding date 3.5kg

Buffet of assorted mini bites below

Pork Pie


Cumberland Scotch free range eggs  quarter

Butter Puff pastry sausage rolls

Cocktail sausage rolls

Sandwich cut in 4 0

Open baguette sandwich

Natural Vintage Cakes

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Butter cream Flavours


Real Madagascan Vanilla

Orange zest

Lemon Zest


Rose Water



Espresso Coffee


Earl Grey

-Requests taken

Minimum quantity applied


Optional Extras
A layer of almond paste sandwiched inside
Homemade jam layer
Crystallized edible flowers for top (in season)


Share Platter Menu

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 Share Platter Menu

Share platter on the table, can be carved on the table by the guests or already carved by the chef. The food will be presented in lovely platter for guest to pass around. This is a very mingling menu as guest will share and pass to each other a good way to make the party starting. Price include 1 dish (please choose) and 1 vegetarian option for vegetarian guest + 2 sides dishes

Main course with 2 side dishes

Roasted Poussin (1/2 per guest) with fennel and lemon balm with roasted cherry tomato

Corn feed whole chicken (1.5 chickens for 6 guests) under skin marinated in garlic, fresh herbs; butter stuffed with lemon, carrots onions red onions with white wine jus

Slow cooked pork belly in sage and cider served with apple sauce

Honey glazed gammon with parley liquor

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Knuckle of pork marinated ales and green peppercorn sauce

Free range roasted whole chicken marinated in sumac spice, pickle lemon and shallots comfit

Free range oven bakes whole chicken cooked in orange and white jus, roasted onions and carrots glazed

Slow cooked shin of beef in deep red wine and caramelised red onions sauce

Main course

Slow cook lamb shoulder glazed in port wine and mustard seeds with port jus

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Roasted loin of pork on the bone marinated with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs in sauvignon blanc jus

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Roasted beef sirloin with thymes jus and shallots comfit

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Rack of lamb noisette with bread crumble, garlic, rosemary coat served with a red currant jus

Bowl to share on the tables

Choose 1:

Mash potatoes

Roasted potatoes

Roasted baby potatoes in thymes

Crushed baby potatoes skin in butter sea salt and chives

Dauphinoise potatoes

Spanish Potatoes

Zesty Couscous with lemon, Moroccan spice, toasted almond and raisin

Pilaf rice with fresh herbs

Quinoa, peas, peas shoot, roasted cherry tomato with fresh mint

Choose 1

Mix summer vegetables (red onions, courgettes, peppers, cherry tomato, aubergine) in thyme’s  olives oil.

Mix winter Roost vegetables (beetroot, parsnips, butternuts squash, red onions, carrots)

Green beans sautéed in butter and garlic

Braised red cabbage and apple

Honey roasted parsnip and beetroot with pine nuts

Baked fennel with parmesan

Roasted butternuts with toasted almond

Ham menu

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Carve Ham


Looking for more vintage and rustic than canapés. A cheaper option than you can have at the reception drink and evening buffet.

Our ham Carved by the chef brings to your event a touch of sophistication. It can be served as canapé or with the canapes. Also, if any left, would be served on the evening buffet.

The ham will be served with a selection of homemade Foccacia bread.

Organic Italian Tuscan Prosciutto                     Ham boneless

“When you think of Italian ham, no doubt it’s the thin, crumpled slices of velvety smooth, salty-sweet Prosciutto that come to mind. Yet calling all Italian ham ‘Prosciutto’ is akin to calling all white wine ‘Chardonnay’. To the initiated, Prosciutto is a vast world of taste and texture, with each Italian region putting its own spin on this classic. Prosciutto di Parma is Italy’s best-known variety of cured ham, but many others compete with it: Prosciutto di Carpegna, Tuscan Prosciutto Crudo and Prosciutto di San Daniele are just a few of the many kinds available”

Free Range Cebo Iberian Ham

Ham on the bone

Our Iberian Patta Negra Ham  comes from a selection of pure bred iberian pigs raised in semi-wild conditions, fed on grains and pulse crops in pasture lands, and is produced using the best traditional, handmade methods. The hind legs of the Iberian pig are processed with salt and then undergo a very slow drying and maturing process which gives them the organoleptic typical texture and flavour. All this is done subject to the strictest quality controls. Curation: 36 months

Homemade Roasted English mustard and honey York Ham         Ham boneless

Our Ham comes from Kent in England and is organic free range pigs, we cook it in house with an old recipe to bring to your palate the best of the English country side taste…. our Ham are served during reception  drinks along with canapés or part of dinner buffet or for evening buffet served along with piccalilli and home bake bread

From our Kent Farm:

Traditional breeds are known for the fine quality of meat they produce. They generally hold a slightly higher proportion of fat than the mass produced pork found in the supermarket which adds to their succulent flavour and makes superb crackling practically guaranteed.

To Serve with the Ham we Propose Vegetarian Nibbles

Selection of Home made Dips
Houmous, Tzatzaki, Spicy Tomato
Grilled Pitta Bread
Feta Cheese marinated in olives oil and Herbs