Easy Gourmet Buffet, London CateringHot and cold Buffet, choose from our menu or design your own with your taste and ideas

Hot Buffet Menu 1

Bread Rolls and Butter

(Please choose 2 salad)

Assorted Seasonal Mix leaves salad and French dressing

Three beans and coriander salad

Fresh tomato, black olives, fresh herbs and pesto dressing

Baby Potatoes and spring onions salad

(Please choose 1 meat 1Vegetarain option)

Traditional Italian Meat lasagne

Stir fried vegetables and tofu with soy dressing with noodles

Chicken breast with Wild and button mushrooms forestiere cream sauce with Pilaf Rice

Cumberland sausages with red onions gravy and mash potatoes

Mediterranean roasted vegetable stew tagine and couscous with chickpeas

Beef Carrot Casserole with pasta

Broccoli and Stilton cheese quiche served with Provencal sauce

All served with assorted Vegetable

(Choose 1 Dessert)

Cut Fresh fruit platter

Assorted of mini dessert

Apple tart glazed with cinnamon and brown sugar

Homemade chocolate and orange mousse

Chocolate cake

Hot Buffet Menu 2

Selection of cold salad (Choose 3)

  • Fresh Tomato and red onion salad topped with chopped basil and Virgin olive oil
  • Moroccan style Couscous with roasted Mediterranean Vegetables and fresh mint
  • Vegetarian Caesar salad with cheddar cheese and boiled eggs
  • Apple and sultana Coleslaw salad
  • Puy lentils salad with roasted walnuts, onions, red pepper fresh herbs and olive oil dressing
  • Seasonal leaves salad with fresh herbs
  • Potato and Bacon salad mustard dressing

Selection of hot main (Choose 1 Main )

    • Main meat
  • Coq au vin (chicken legs in deep red wine sauce with bacon, mushrooms and onions sauce )
  • Chicken Tagine with roasted butternuts, chilli, ginger sauce Saffron Rice
  • Chicken Thai green curry with aubergine and small vegetables served with steamed rice
  • Organic Cumberland sausage in red wine and onions gravy served with mash and green peas
  • Pork casserole in French Dijon mustard and white wine sauce
  • Navarin of lamb (lamb braised in white wine with baby vegetables and fresh herbs)
  • Albondigas (Spanish style lamb meatballs in a rich tomato sauce)
  • Swedish meat balls served with a brandy cream
  • Beef Stew and Suet Dumplings
  • Beef stroganoff served with pilaff rice and roasted vegetables


    • Fish option:
  • Pan fried filet of white fish in parsley butter sauce
  • Fisherman mix fish and seafood Pie
  • Slow roasted salmon Steamed with mange tout, roasted courgettes, green beans, pine nuts, vine cherry tomatoes in light lemon and butter dressing
  • White fish filet Thai green curry with aubergine and small vegetables served with steamed rice
    • Main vegetarian:
  • (Choose 1 Vegetarian )
  • Penne pasta with tomato fresh basil sauce
  • Stuffed tomato with roasted veg and wild rice red peppers coulis
  • Stuffed aubergine with mushrooms risotto topped with parmesan with chives sauce
  • Vegetable stir fried Thai green curry with aubergine and small vegetables served with steamed rice

Main course will come accompanied with Roasted potatoes or mash potatoes and seasonal

vegetables or as stated with the above main course

Hot Buffet Menu 3

Selection of cold salad (Choose 3)

  • Penne pasta and roast vegetable salad in pesto dressing
  • New potatoes and spring onion salad
  • Greek salad (lettuce, olives, tomatoes, onions, feta cheese).
  • Asian noodles, shitake, aubergine, red peppers salad
  • Couscous courgette and prawns salad infused curry
  • Traditional Nicoise salad with tuna, black olives, anchovies, potatoes, green beans
  • Mix seasonal salad with fresh herbs served with French dressing
  • Australia salad with peas, feta cheese, mint and chili served with French dressing
  • Mediterranean quinoa salad with mozzarella balls and fresh pesto
  • Mixed vine tomato salad with basil and sun dried tomato in Italian dressing with spring onions

Selection of hot main (Choose 1 Main )

    • Main meat
  • Chicken supreme forestiere in truffle oil and white wine veloute
  • Traditional beef Bourguignon with carrots, bacon, mushrooms in red white gravy
  • Roasted leg of lamb with rosemary sauce and mint sauce
  • Grilled Guinea-fowl breast stuffed under the skin with olives & garlic served with a light white wine sauce
  • Organic chicken breast, garden leeks and Wiltshire ham in soft white wine and shallots in a tarragon béchamel
  • Slow roast lamb shank with rosemary and burgundy red wine deep sauce (£3.50 extra)
  • Lamb tagine with apricots, pine nuts and turnip
  • Carbonnade of beef-chunks of steak, sautéed with bacon, thyme and beer
  • Roasted pork served with calvados and apple sauce
  • Slow roasted pork belly and crackling served prune and port wine sauce


    • Fish option:
  • Slow roasted salmon filet in white wine and dill sauce
  • Baked cod on braise cabbage honey red wine sauce
  • Salmon en croute stuffed with basil, dill, lemon zest and grain mustard served with lemon butter emulsion
  • Roasted Coley filet wrap in pancetta and melted mozzarella served with saffron and white wine sauce
    • Main vegetarian:
  • (Choose 1 Vegetarian )
  • Roasted Portobello mushrooms, with grilled aubergine, courgette, buffalo mozzarella with tomato Provencal sauce
  • Wild and not so wild mushroom & asparagus pie cooked in garlic and parsley with béchamel sauce
  • Spinach and ricotta lasagne served with shallots and white wine sauce
  • Stuffed aubergine with broccoli and stilton risotto served with chive sauce


Main course will come accompanied with Roasted potatoes or mash potatoes and seasonal

Vegetables or as stated with the above main course

Dessert menu 2 and 3

Seasonal fruits crumble served with cream Anglaise and drizzles of raspberry coulis

Chocolate and pecan brownies served with white chocolate cream

Caramelised apple tart served with cream

Orange zest chocolate mousse

Assortment of chef dessert selection served with cream and  coulis

Fresh fruit salad and cream

Dessert menu 3

Lemon tart with comfit lemon zest served with chocolate coulis

Cream brullee with raspberry coulis and spider web

Duo of chocolate mousse with forest fruit coulis

Tiramissu cake with cream anglaise

Or Tower of dessert menu 2-3

Mini chocolate cups filled with dark chocolate mousse

Mini chocolate cups filled with milk chocolate mousse

Mini chocolate cups filled with white chocolate mousse

Raspberry and elderflower jelly

Mini chocolate brownies

Strawberry and cream (in season)

Summer fruit jelly

Fruit trifle

Mini panacotta

Pavlova (topping to choose: Pecan, raspberry, strawberry, blueberry, and blackberry)

Mini Eton mess pot

Mini chocolate pot

Crème brullee

Roasted peach with toasted almond in port syrup

Mini tiramisu

Mini apple and sultana crumble, Mini rhubarb and apple crumble

Mini bread and butter pudding

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