Canapés, Verrine and Pichintos

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Grilled Chicken Waldroff bed, Easy gourmet, London CatererCocktail Breakfast Lunch
or Evening Canapés

Canapés breakfast

Fried Quail eggs on spinach and hollandaise bed in pastry cups (V)

Mini Smoked salmon, and chives cream cheese bagel

Cumberland cocktail sausage turnover

Mini croissant filled roasted ham and cheddar cheese

Small bacon strip and brown sauce ciabatta rolls

Mini mozzarella and black olives scones (V)

Mini scrambles eggs and crispy bacon croustini

Mini assorted flavour muffins (chocolate, blueberry, choc chip) (V)

Bacon, onions and cheddar mini quiche

Scramble eggs and tomato mini brioche (V)

Canapés list

Menu A


Marinated grilled chicken breast on bed of waldorf salad and celery boat

Mini Yorkshire pudding with roast beef and horseradish

Bamboo chicken roll sate skewers

Mini Cumberland sausage with onions chutney turnover

Spanish meat balls in red pepper dressing on fondant potatoes

Chicken & leek pie with a coarse grain mash

Pepperoni pizzettes topped with roasted red pepper

and salsa verde


White fish and coriander lightly spicy mini fish ball served Aioli

Smoked paprika cured salmon and capers with dill tartar on rye bread

Teriyaki salmon bamboo skewers

Sentenced prawns mini quiche

Poached salmon and Thai green curry Rillette on mini bread

Fried cod diamond with Spinach, & hollandaise sauce pastry shell

Smoked salmon with crème cheese croustini with black fish eggs

King tempura Prawns with soy sauce


Stilton cheese soufflé tartlet

Baby jacket potatoes with mature cheddar and spring onions

Cherry tomato baby mozzarella fresh pesto red pepper mousse pastry

Deep fried wonton filled with mushrooms duxelles

Grilled Carpaccio of courgette filled with Moroccan couscous ratatouille (vegan)

Mature cheddar, rosemary and red onions mini muffins

Garden vegetable and cheese quiche

Cottage cheese and leeks croustade basket with fresh pesto

Butternut and pesto with parmesan risotto balls

Menu B


Rare Lamb rump with parsnip puree, blackcurrant jelly and fresh mint on Provencal Herbs shortbread

Roasted beef wellington stuffed with seed mustard

Cumberland Sausage with mustard mash and truffle sauce in filo pastry case

Slow roast pork belly, with roasted potatoes and crackling in red wine gravy

Rare Roast Beef, sweet potatoes puree on button mushrooms with horseradish cream

Smoked Duck Breast, Savoy cabbage in balsamic dressing and roasted plum toasted brioche

Chicken balotine stuffed with tapenade and sun dried tomato

Rare roasted beef on a truffles mushrooms croustini


Mini salmon en croute with spinach and ricotta

Smoked haddock Kedgeree mini fried balls

Dill Salmon Gravalax on bamboo stick

Min Tartlet of cod in saffron pie in filo cups

Smoked haddock kedgeree fried balls

Large prawns on lime wedges and dill served with cocktail sauce

Skate Rillette with chilli and coriander served in Chinese spoon


Herbs shortbread toast of feta cheese tapenade, sun blush tomato

Quails eggs with puys lentil and fried shallots salad with chives hollandaise

Mini Tartlet of goat cheese & tomato and black olives mini quiche

Wild mushroom and truffles oil frittata topped with chives and cream cheese

Goat cheese wrap in roasted walnut, rosemary sable with cherry tomato dried thyme crown

Pumpkins and pine nuts parmesan with green oil Risotto

Canapés Menu C

Be creative and surprise your guest with our unusual canapés

Pichintos, Terrine and Verrine

The elegance and size  of canapés, the substance of bowl food, the healthy way of eating

Beetroot cured salmon, garlic wild mushrooms, lime Chantilly

Fatayer with butternut squash & feta

Kibbeh (mince beef) with mint yogurt

Crab and avocado salsa, lime and chilli verrine

Mini chorizo in jerez vinegar and tomato marinade

Cream zucchini, mushrooms, truffle oil with parmesan

Croquettes of salt cod with alioli

Fresh anchovies marinated in garlic and fresh pesto served on toasted sour dough bread

Pork Belly with mango and black olive verrine

Pichintos de gambas marinated in lemon grass, chilli and coriander

Feta, mint, tomato, cucumber fresh pesto Verrine

Scallops wraps in Jamon with saffron verrine

Tuna Nicoise salad verrine

Beetroot, feta and grilled artichokes verrine

Grilled chicken, sweet corn, peas shoot, pineapple and coconut milk

Chart grilled tuna, roasted baby veg, mint couscous, Spanish olive tapenade and yogurt verrine

Pork pichintos marinated in Spanish spice

Mint cucumber, goat cheese Chantilly verrine

Chorizo and peppers, smoked paprika rice

Canapés Menu D

Mini Barbecue Pichintos

Barbecue Kibbeh skewer (mince beef)

Mini chorizo in peppers marinade

Barbecue Pork Belly with mango and black olive

Pichintos de gambas marinated in lemon grass, chilli and

Grilled Scallops wraps in pancetta with saffron salsa on mini toast

Chart grilled tuna skewers and wine cherry tomato

Pork pichintos marinated in Spanish spice

Chorizo pizzettes topped with roasted red pepper

and salsa verde

Chicken skewer coriander and lemon grass

Provencal vegetable skewers marinated in pesto

Baby potatoes in rosemary and garlic butter Skewers

Chef carving Organic Spanish ham in front of the guest to serve as canapés

Pan con Spanish jamon (this serve easily up to 150 guest or can be for reception drinks and evening buffet)

Free Range Cebo Iberian Ham

Our Iberian Ham comes from a selection of pure bred iberian pigs raised in semi-wild conditions, fed on grains and pulse crops in pasturelands, and is produced using the best traditional, handmade methods. The hind legs of the Iberian pig are processed with salt and then undergo a very slow drying and maturing process which gives them the organoleptic typical texture and flavour. All this is done subject to the strictest quality controls.

curation: 36 months

Dessert Canapés list

Tarte au citron with lemon confit zest

Raspberry tart topped with crunch pistachio

Mini chocolate brownies with powder snow icing sugar

Seasonal fruit creme patisiere tart

Strawberry in chocolate coating

Mini cream brullee

Mini strawberry cheese cake

Forest fruit tart

Mini Apple and crumble

Roast Peach and toast almond in port wine syrup in spoon

Mini Tiramissu

Mini lemon pie

Mini chocolate mousse cups

Raspberry elderflower jelly shot glasses

Mini Eton mess shot glasses

Blackberry patisserie shot glasses

Trio of chocolate shot glasses

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