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Easy Gourmet & the Tab Centre cook school

Project run by:
Marie-Laure Preynat ( Director/ Head chef teacher)
Funmi Afuwape (Head of Learning Support Unit Raine’s School)
Andrew Sanalitro (chief executive Tab Centre)

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For those pupils with needs that can be better addressed in a practical, hands-on environment the Tab Centre takes education out of the classroom and into the kitchen. They learn about budgeting, food waste, portion control, sharing food, sitting at a table, and communicating in a group.

In today’s world meal times for families are scattered as parents work shifts, lifestyles differ, and many families do not eat at a table. We try to instill that special way you can feel when sitting and eating together.

“Community starts at home, let’s try and make it happen”

Sponsored by: Tower Hamlets Council

“The Tab Centre has an established and growing capacity for training through the provision of alternative educational opportunities and vocational studies. The excellent track record of the Cook School has been a proven success I am sure others may wish to imitate.

Students from Key Stages 3-5 have benefited from the personalised learning environment which allowed students to increase their self-esteem, confidence, self-motivation and effective team work. The Cook School has produced students who know their way around a kitchen and can cook healthy, satisfying meals on a budget.

Perhaps the greatest measure of the Cook School’s success is the ‘word of mouth’ endorsement of the students amongst their peers. I regularly get requests from the students who have taken part to do a more advanced course as well as requests from pupils who would like to take part for the first time.

I am confident that this initiative will continue to be an asset to the Tab Centre and a benefit to all who are fortunate to experience it. In the future I hope that all year groups at Raine’s will benefit from Cook School.”

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