International Women's Day!

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"international womens day" "march 14th" "easygourmetcatering"Today, the 8th of march is International Women’s Day. It marks the focus of celebrations to women for the extraordinary accomplishments they made that changed the life for women completely. Its a day to show respect, appreciation and love to women, For our economic, political and social achievements.

The first National Women’s Day was observed on the 28th of February 1909 in the United States, But it wasn’t until the 18th of March 1911, that international women’s day was marked for the very first time. Women protested and fought for years to be considered equal. They demanded to be given the right to vote and hold public office and protested against employment sex discrimination. Still to this day women around the world celebrate, Being thankful for all the women that stepped out of line and stood up for women’s rights, which gives women nowadays the freedom and choice to be independent and treated as equals.

The majority of us at Easy Gourmet are women from all different backgrounds. London, France, Brazil, Bulgaria etc. Our chef decided to make a wonderful lunch for us due to our very busy day. Check out our lovely new desert, We decided to make for this special day!

So ladies be grateful we had brave women that stood up and paved the way for us all to be able to be strong, independent and respected!

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