1940's Hollywood Party

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"1940's party" "Finsbury town hall" "vintage" "easygourmetcatering"We catered and helped organise a very special birthday party which was held at the Finsbury Town Hall. Jackie was turning 50 and wanted a 1940’s themed party in which we worked closely with her to help out with the catering and decorations to give it a 1940’s feel.

"1940's" "vintage" "finsbury town hall" "easygourmetcatering"

As you can see from some of the pictures below we put a lot of thought and planning into Jackie’s 1940’s themed birthday. The table was designed with vintage Cutlery and lace, twist glasses, and thyme.

"themed parties" "1940's" "easygourmetcatering"

"1940's" "themed parties" "easygourmetcatering"

The cake was made by the amazing Rosalind Miller. We researched into having cocktails that not only went with the menu, but suited well with Jackie’s theme. The 1940 cocktail’s we made were based predominantly on gin, rum, brandy or whiskey.

"1940's" "birthday cake" "rosalind miller" "finsbury town hall" "easygourmetcatering"

We also had the help from party designer Helen Wright who came up with a lot of really good idea’s, to match the flowers on the table, Jackie’s lipstick and the Birthday cake together in a bright orange.

"1940's" "themed parties" "easygourmetcatering"

Jackie wore a very stunning navy dress making it hard to believe she was celebrating her 50th birthday. The party Included an 1940’s styled band with a couple performances and lots of dancing as Jackie had hoped for when we first got in touch. Overall Jackie seemed more than pleased with how her party turned out."1940's" "themed parties" "finsbury town hall" "easygourmetcatering"

"1940's" "vintage" "finsbury town hall" "easygourmetcatering"

"1940's" "finsbury town hall" "themed parties" "easygourmetcatering"

The Menu-


  • Smoked Salmon and capers with dill tartar on rye bread.
  • Baby jacket potatoes with mature béchamel cheddar and spring onions.
  • Butternut and pesto with parmesan risotto balls
  • Herbs shortbread toast of feta cheese tapenade, sun blush tomato





  • Roasted plum tomatoes, fresh basil  tarte tatin served with fresh pesto and rocket  (Marie plate) children + extra for people who don’t like the other starer.
  • Grilled fig with seasonal mix leave, walnut, orange with cabbage and rocket salad Feta cheese Main starter


Main course

  • Lemon sole filet and spinach roulade served with fine champagne sauce served with and baby carrots with Bubble and squeak (more sauce).
  • Sautéed gnocchi with butternut, asparagus, roasted pine nuts, and pesto drizzle) (children’s and vegetarian




  • Mini chocolate brownies (square) cream on the side
  • Cream brullee
  • Red fruit jelly
  • Mini chocolate Mousse with gold sprinkles
  • Mini Treacle tart
  • Roasted pears with toasted almond in port syrup


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