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Share platter on the table, can be carved on the table by the guests or already carved by the chef. The food will be presented in lovely platter for guest to pass around. This is a very mingling menu as guest will share and pass to each other a good way to make the party starting. Price include 1 dish (please choose) and 1 vegetarian option for vegetarian guest + 2 sides dishes

Main course with 2 side dishes

Roasted Poussin (1/2 per guest) with fennel and lemon balm with roasted cherry tomato

Corn feed whole chicken (1.5 chickens for 6 guests) under skin marinated in garlic, fresh herbs; butter stuffed with lemon, carrots onions red onions with white wine jus

Slow cooked pork belly in sage and cider served with apple sauce

Honey glazed gammon with parley liquor

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Knuckle of pork marinated ales and green peppercorn sauce

Free range roasted whole chicken marinated in sumac spice, pickle lemon and shallots comfit

Free range oven bakes whole chicken cooked in orange and white jus, roasted onions and carrots glazed

Slow cooked shin of beef in deep red wine and caramelised red onions sauce

Main course

Slow cook lamb shoulder glazed in port wine and mustard seeds with port jus

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Roasted loin of pork on the bone marinated with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs in sauvignon blanc jus

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Roasted beef sirloin with thymes jus and shallots comfit

Main course  with 2 side dishes

Rack of lamb noisette with bread crumble, garlic, rosemary coat served with a red currant jus

Bowl to share on the tables

Choose 1:

Mash potatoes

Roasted potatoes

Roasted baby potatoes in thymes

Crushed baby potatoes skin in butter sea salt and chives

Dauphinoise potatoes

Spanish Potatoes

Zesty Couscous with lemon, Moroccan spice, toasted almond and raisin

Pilaf rice with fresh herbs

Quinoa, peas, peas shoot, roasted cherry tomato with fresh mint

Choose 1

Mix summer vegetables (red onions, courgettes, peppers, cherry tomato, aubergine) in thyme’s  olives oil.

Mix winter Roost vegetables (beetroot, parsnips, butternuts squash, red onions, carrots)

Green beans sautéed in butter and garlic

Braised red cabbage and apple

Honey roasted parsnip and beetroot with pine nuts

Baked fennel with parmesan

Roasted butternuts with toasted almond

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