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 Tom and Sarah’s Wedding Reception

Saturday 26 August 2017,

At Friendly Place  Wedding Venue :  Lewisham Road, London, Greater London, SE13 7QS

Tom & Sarah helped with decorating the venue. They made small pots of paper flowers (with comic leaves) to put on the table, pictures on a frame that is representative of the person’s personality  and pixel hearts that hung from the ceiling, they have fairy lights, various streamers, bunting, a Projector (to project a video games).


For the tables we put napkins folded with place name for the guests, the small pots of paper flowers, small pack of mini eggs by Yoshi and test tubes and racks with different alcohol for drink during the speech.


Reception Menu

Vegetarian Nibbles

Homemade Dips: Houmous, Tzatziki, Spicy Tomato
Grilled Pitta Bread
Mixed Olives
Feta Cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs

Wedding Menu

Children Menu

Sausage Rolls

Bacon, chicken and tarragon pie
Sides :
Mash potatoes
Roast potatoes
Peas and carrots

Pie Menu to Share 

Bacon, chicken and tarragon pie
Steak and ale pie
Plated from the kitchen
Goats cheese pie (vegetarian)
Side dishes:
Mash potatoes
Roast potatoes
Peas and carrots

Grill chicken breast with Provencal tomato sauce

Dessert buffet 

Strawberry shortbread
Chocolate fudge cake
Coulis on jugs

Chutney Trio

Caramelized red onions chutney
Sweet tomato and chilly chutney
Plum chutney

Assiette de Charcuterie

Chorizo Slice

Salchichon Slice

Iberian loin

Prosciutto ham

Assorted Focaccia

Wedding Cheese Cake Tower 
Raffia, summer fruit, grapes

Richard III Wensleydale
Perl Las
Cornish Yarg
Brie de Meaux



The Venue : Friendly Place, Lewisham Road, London, Greater London, SE13 7QS

Sounds/light/mic :Flipside

Wine supplier : Wine Tesco

Bus transfer : Super London Bus

Thanks from the bride and groom :

 “Thank you for everything you did for our amazing wedding day. It went spectacularly well, every single person enjoyed themselves,loved the venue, loved the food, and loved the entire day. We couldn’t have done it without your guidance and  enthusiasm.

 So many guests said that it was the best food they’d had at a wedding because it wasn’t traditional and wasn’t like every other wedding they’d been to. It being unique was so important to us, and you were a huge part of that being successful!”



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