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October 2011

How do we plan your wedding day

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Easy Gourmet "Wedding Flower" "London wedding planner"Planning a wedding is a long process, it starts by some email inquiries to London caterers and professional wedding advisers and soon, your special day’s planning will start to unfold.  For every wedding each Bride and Groom will have a different menu, a different idea, many different memories, and that’s why we are here to help you start planning…

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Planning your Civil Partership Ceremony – Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding is as unique and special as you are. Everything about the day should reflect your own personality and individuality, paying particular attention to the actual Ceremony itself. This fantastic day is when you both have the opportunity to publicly express your love and devotion for each other, making personal vows and creating special long lasting memories that you will cherish and remember forever.

The Pink Wedding Days website has great venue and wedding information.

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